We move your product by rail in a Europe without borders ... Tracking & Tracing Having direct access to the key points in the transport process allows us to massively reduce round-trip times as we know the return times as well as the movement frequencies. The standing times at works during unloading and loading also become traceable which makes costs quantifiable and billable. With RTChem, you have the opportunity to plan production exactly and know, for instance, which wagons will return to you at what time. All in all, our tool gives you the security that your wagon fleets are being effectively utilised at all times and that your logistics is delivering optimum results. Naturally, our customers are proactively informed by the specialists at our Operation Center in the event of irregularities. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to access the monitoring tool at any time using our password-protected internet. We’ll gladly share our knowledge with you by means of the monitoring tool. Using modern IT interfaces, you can access your data at any time. The high level of networking afforded by the latest IT systems allows our products to be combined in a modular way according to how you would like them to be. You can choose between a number of advantageous services, as well as individual and end-to-end solutions. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) By analysing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we check the logistical parameters in your transport chain and identify existing optimisation opportunities. Experience has shown that up to 20% of the logistics costs can be saved, which contributes towards improving your competitiveness. Are you interested in measures to reduce standing times? Would you like to speed up your round-trip times? We’ll gladly give you help and advice Compare different modes of transport and their energy consumption, greenhouse gas and exhaust emissions.