We move your product by rail in a Europe without borders ... * High level of safety makes the rail traffic one of the most favourable traffic modes. * Rail traffic is undoubtedly the most reliable traffic mode. * Accident rate of rail traffic participants is almost zero; unfortunately this is not the case for neither road nor air transport. * Growing number of requirements on speed, punctuality, reliability and flexibility of transportations play right into the cards of rail transport. * Ability of meeting customer’s requirements in an environment-friendly manner (low amount of emissions). * From the total amount of costs on reduction of negative impacts of transport industry on environment, only 8% comes from railway transport, while up to 90% comes from road transport, even though its traffic performance is by 50% lower than the traffic performance of rail transport. * Noise strain produced by the railway transport on environment is lower than by the road transport. * Intensity of rail traffic results from time tables and railway network is mostly built up out of urban zones. * It enables transportation of bigger quantity of goods on long or medium distances at relatively low costs. * Lower transport restrictions trough shorter waiting times on border crossings. Compare different modes of transport and their energy consumption, greenhouse gas and exhaust emissions.